8 Gadgets and Tools for Making the Best Mobile Films

A news crew with expensive cameras is a luxury, but there are external devices available that can turn a smartphone…


A news crew with expensive cameras is a luxury, but there are external devices available that can turn a smartphone into a high-quality filming device. Using microphones, lighting, tri-pods, or grips can give you a great film, with the advantage of less bulk and more accessibility.

  1. Beastgrip Pro: The Beastgrip Pro allows you to insert your phone, lens, microphone, and more onto one customizable rig for maximum flexibility and maneuverability. This is an easy and affordable way to create professional-quality films with your mobile device. The Beastgrip Pro and accessories are available at beastgrip.com.
  1. ALM Action Cart: This gadget is great for low-angle and tabletop shots that allows for movement while maintaining stability. The device is lightweight and sturdy, ensuring smooth dynamic shots. Learn more at www.actionlifemedia.com.
  1. Joby GripTight Pro Phone: If you are looking for the ultimate flexibility and grip, this device allows a sturdy lock for your device while providing three bendable legs for tripod stance or gripping desks, tree branches, or anything you can get your hands on! Available at joby.com.
  1. The Glif Tripod Mount: The Glif tripod mount is more than just a great way to keep your phone sturdy for filming. It features an easy release lever and the ability to add filming accessories like lighting and microphones. You can purchase this device at studioneat.com.
  1. Ampridge MightyMic S iPhone Shotgun Video Microphone MMS: Looking to boost your phone’s sound capture capabilities? This compact microphone plugs into your smartphone for improved sound quality. Available for purchase on amazon.com.
  1. OlloClip 4-in-1 Lens: This lens comes with 4 easy to change lenses including fisheye and wide-angle. A quick and convenient way to shoot a film with multiple perspectives. Available at olloclip.com.
  1. Hitcase Pro: This is a completely durable and waterproof case, perfect for adventure or action filming. Your phone easily fits inside the case, which comes with customizable lenses, and you are ready to start shooting in the air, on the ground, or underwater! Available at hitcase.com.
  1. Pocket Spotlight: The Pocket Spotlight is great for both filming and photography. It can be plugged into your iPhone or used off-camera for maximum scene capture opportunities. It also has its own battery power source so you don’t have to worry about it taking power away from your phone. As advertised, it’s small and compact enough to fit into your pocket! You can purchase this product at photojojo.com.

Filming with professional quality does not have to mean breaking the bank with large, bulky filming equipment. Your mobile device can be adapted to create amazing, high-quality, imaginative shots with the help of personalized equipment that can travel with you! Don’t let moments pass you by!

Upload your clips to your VQuick app where you can piece them together and create amazing films to share with friends or enter into contests! Share clips with friends and collaborate on films from different locations around the world. With smartphone technology, there is nothing to hold you back and VQuick gives you the power to share and make your film standout! Download on iTunes or Google Play today.


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